Nature’s Lesson:🌬️

Place the sun between a hundred planets, It will shine. ☀️

Place a hundred planets between a hundred others,
All the planets need is sunshine🌥️ It’s as simple as that.

Nature can be so simple and complex at the same time.

Be like the sun.

Stand out. 



And you’ll be surprised to know, just how many live-off YOUR sunshine! ☀️




Every time I close my eyes 
Breathing hard, 
I crave to run away
From everyone I’ve known, 
And everything I’ve ever owned. 
To start a new life
Away, far away from here. 
To live by the mountains, 
Under the blazing night sky. 
Beneath is a stream so Crystal clear
I would dive into,
Away, far away from here. 
I only wish to live a happy life 
Build a house on the mountain top 
With big dogs to play with, 
By the fireplace, I’d read. 
My world, living in peace 
Away, far away from here.

Breathe in.. 
Breathe out.. 

Slowly, I open my eyes.