Nature’s Lesson:🌬️

Place the sun between a hundred planets, It will shine. ☀️

Place a hundred planets between a hundred others,
All the planets need is sunshine🌥️ It’s as simple as that.

Nature can be so simple and complex at the same time.

Be like the sun.

Stand out. 



And you’ll be surprised to know, just how many live-off YOUR sunshine! ☀️



Centuries Ago

Centuries kept passing,
The world still spinning,
Seasons changed,
But life remained.

All that we see today,
While in ruins they lay,
Every rusting wind chime,
Has burnt its holes through time.

Of this world that we call our home,
Carving pieces of stone,
Designed to fight great wars of pride,
Losing lives, losing faith in life.

We live in a world ever changing,
Our greed never kept starving,
Everything that we see, we urge to correct
Trying to perfect our own death.

I wonder how can you forget,
That this world isn’t yours to mess,
‘Cause these stars you see shining above you?
Once shined brighter in a world that didn’t involve you!


Did you like this poem? 



It’s just what we fail to see,
As we live our lives like slaves of greed,
Why do we often only crave to be ,
That person we aren’t meant to be.

While you walk down that lane,
And you feel everything’s just the same;
Wait for a while, watch intently,
Have you really been here recently?

Remember that girl who cries all night long?
She’s watching you now as she passes along,
As you walk by cursing life in your head,
In you, she searches for her older brother long dead.

Do you see that old house by the end of the road?
It secretly treasures so many stories untold,
Remember the family that lived there?
You’ll never know, for you never really cared.

Every time you feel miserable and lonely,
Losing faith in the world’s sanity,
Forget not, as life gets hard,
Even the tiniest spark, shines bright in the dark.

This is the same lane you live in, Everyone’s in the same boat you’re in,
All that’s needed is a little spark inside you,
To ignite the other souls dying around you.

That poor man begging by the street,
Never asked for a life like this,
Yet he gets so overwhelmed,
For the kids wouldn’t sleep hungry by the day’s end.

And you walk by him barely even noticing,
The struggles of life everybody’s in,
You’re only taking, never giving,’
Oh look, what a shame you put mankind in!

Only if you make an effort you’ll know,
Your life is just like little flakes of snow,
‘Cause the beauty of life, lies in the fall,
And not just in fight against the storm.




A sensation inside you that makes you human, 
Within it dwells your sanity
Everything you feel, resides within;
A treasure box hidden beneath your skin. 

Pieces of you rise from your decaying soul
They possess a story of their own
Its stunning how these feelings confine
Everything you’ve ever known. 

Your heart is their home, 
No matter where you go-
Struck strong into your bones;
An escape would tire your soul.


An Impasse 

An Impasse

 The mind shelters memory crystals,
Glistening and glowing within a chest.
Within it lies every tiny event of my life;
From the day I was born,
Preserving everything that I’ve known,
Seen, learnt, felt and even touched;
Including this very moment now,
And every passing moment since.
I yearn to peek into that chest,
Seeing it lay there at the center of my minds garden,
An urge to look through those colorful crystals builds.
I touch it and wait to get sucked in, 
Back to the very start, 
I meet a younger me,
Almost like a dream recreated, 
I see the person I was truly born as.
Innocent, happy and chosen for something special,
Just like a movie screening, I see,
An experience impossible to describe.
But amidst all those priceless feelings,
Pain strikes into me, hard!
Making me wonder,
Why do I feel this way?
The memories of my past have made me what I am today.
Amending me, reengineering me, 
Erasing out the goodness within, 
Forgotten what I am here for and everything I used to be. 
Lost, I was standing still,
Fear triggering my veins, I tremble.
Almost instantly, I shut the chest of crystals,
I begin to run, wondering,
Confused and hurt, I keep running, amazed.
I open my eyes, breathing hard, 
Realization strikes again,
This time, it was merciless.
A dream within a dream,
At dawn I meet myself again;
Only to be told to me by myself,
“Its time you really wake up,
Before life reaches an impasse.”


Every time I close my eyes 
Breathing hard, 
I crave to run away
From everyone I’ve known, 
And everything I’ve ever owned. 
To start a new life
Away, far away from here. 
To live by the mountains, 
Under the blazing night sky. 
Beneath is a stream so Crystal clear
I would dive into,
Away, far away from here. 
I only wish to live a happy life 
Build a house on the mountain top 
With big dogs to play with, 
By the fireplace, I’d read. 
My world, living in peace 
Away, far away from here.

Breathe in.. 
Breathe out.. 

Slowly, I open my eyes.