An Impasse 

An Impasse

 The mind shelters memory crystals,
Glistening and glowing within a chest.
Within it lies every tiny event of my life;
From the day I was born,
Preserving everything that I’ve known,
Seen, learnt, felt and even touched;
Including this very moment now,
And every passing moment since.
I yearn to peek into that chest,
Seeing it lay there at the center of my minds garden,
An urge to look through those colorful crystals builds.
I touch it and wait to get sucked in, 
Back to the very start, 
I meet a younger me,
Almost like a dream recreated, 
I see the person I was truly born as.
Innocent, happy and chosen for something special,
Just like a movie screening, I see,
An experience impossible to describe.
But amidst all those priceless feelings,
Pain strikes into me, hard!
Making me wonder,
Why do I feel this way?
The memories of my past have made me what I am today.
Amending me, reengineering me, 
Erasing out the goodness within, 
Forgotten what I am here for and everything I used to be. 
Lost, I was standing still,
Fear triggering my veins, I tremble.
Almost instantly, I shut the chest of crystals,
I begin to run, wondering,
Confused and hurt, I keep running, amazed.
I open my eyes, breathing hard, 
Realization strikes again,
This time, it was merciless.
A dream within a dream,
At dawn I meet myself again;
Only to be told to me by myself,
“Its time you really wake up,
Before life reaches an impasse.”


Author: Elveera

Travel Writer at Cox&Kings📸 She 👣 has A Creative, Tangled & Curious Mind🧙 She is in love with the mountains, the ocean & everything between💕

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